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A-Level Orientation Programme 2017

A-Level Orientation Programme 2017

11th June will be a notable memory for our A Level batch 2017 as they kicked off their studies in an extravagant celebration at the Soaltee Crowne Plaza. The students, who begin their studies next week, got a taste of the delight that is to come over their next two years at BMC. Formal introductions were made by Principal Michael. J Barnes; Programme Leaders, Medina Shakya and Rajen Rai and A Level faculty members before the real fun began with a host of fast pace, adrenaline pumping and competitive team games. The students dived in head first, forgetting all their inhibitions: dancing, singing, acting in order to win some much sought after prizes. The highlight of the day was a bridge building activity in which students flaunted their logical might and creative flare in the production of some impressive designs, including a bridge dedicated to the most recently crowned Miss Nepal. The day was an outstanding success and we have no doubt that this new batch of lively students will achieve great things over the next two years.


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