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A Level - Mustang Trip

A Level - Mustang Trip

Every year, the students at The British Model College have the chance to participate in a domestic travel opportunity to explore the culture and life in the remote areas of Nepal.


On December 8 of this year, the students and staff of BMC boarded a bus that led them on a five-day tour into the Mustang district. Their travels took them on the winding mountain roads up to the hot springs of Tatopani, the apple orchards of Marpha village, the sacred temple of Muktinath, and the windy shores of Dhumba Lake. Students were able to enjoy several activities thanks to the clear weather including a morning boat ride in Pokhara, campfire grilling in Lete, and a wobbly walk across the suspension bridges of Kushma.


For most of the students and staff, it was a new experience entering the Mustang district. Many on the tour had never seen snow before! Of course, several snowball fights ensued that ended in laughter and cold hands. Several hours were spent gazing in awe at the mountains that seemed close enough to reach out and touch. Travel serves to broaden our horizons with fresh experiences and we know these memories will stay with the group for years to come.


The recent global pandemic put local economies in decline due to the lack of tourism and the students were enthusiastic about purchasing crafts and goods from village vendors. With the help of social media, the tour was shared with friends and family that are hopefully inspired to travel through the amazing areas of Nepal and support the local economies that benefit hugely from tourism.


The British Model College will continue to promote domestic travel that benefits local economies while providing learning opportunities for students that are immersive and engaging. We can’t wait until next year’s tour to see what adventures the students will discover!


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