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1st BMC Students Awards Ceremony 2019

1st BMC Students Awards Ceremony 2019

This Friday, November 8th, British Model College organised his first Students Awards Ceremony to recognize our students' best attitude, hard work and dedication. 


The Excellent Attendance Award, the Homework Hero Award, the Helping Hand Award, the Remarkable Attitude Award, the Above and Beyond Award, and the Principal Award were attributed to almost 50 BMC students all in all. 


Mr Joey Foster Ellis, The Executive Principal of The British College, congratulated all the students for their dedication and work and reiterated the importance of 'showing up', doing your work, helping others, and trying to go beyond. 


He particularly recognized one of BMC 'A3' student (3rd year) for his exemplary role and contribution during his 2 years at BMC and granted him the first BMC Principal Award.


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