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TBC Distinguished Guest Lecture Series | How Blockchain is Redefining Supply Chain Management

Date: 26 Aug 2021 07:00 AM
Venue: The British College, Kathmandu


How Blockchain is Redefining Supply Chain Management


Technologies such as blockchain present dynamic opportunities across supply chains. Improvements in food security, supplier transparency, traceability, reductions in process time, food waste, and administration costs are achievable. Blockchain is a revolutionary technology that has transformed specific business processes, which are now visible in real-time through a smartphone or a similar device. However, when will blockchain become a significant technology that will be deployed across multiple supply chains?


Contents of the lecture:

  1. Supply chains and Global problems.
  2. Counterfeit products such as pharmaceuticals, wine, and luxury items are sent through supply chains.
  3. What can blockchain offer supply chain managers?


Learning has never been so easy. Despite the pandemic, electronic learning solutions like Zoom and Google meet have helped make many online sessions possible; further elevating the collaboration and interaction with experts and peers.


Leveraging these online resources, The British College is yet again organising a Distinguished Guest Lecture Series. Our first online session will be delivered by Patrick McCrudden, Partnership Development Manager at UWE Bristol Asia Pacific on the topic "How Blockchain is Redefining Supply Chain Management".


He will be conducting an interactive session with the MBA students regarding supply chains and global problems, counterfeit products such as pharmaceuticals, wine, and luxury items that are sent through supply chains and what blockchain can offer supply chain managers.




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