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TBC Alumni Talks | A Micro Perspective on the role of innovation and technology in the Nepalese Construction Industry

Date: 16 Aug 2021 14:00 PM
Venue: The British College, Kathmandu


This is a 6-week online course on ‘A Micro Perspective on the Role of Innovation and Technology in the Nepalese Construction Industry’. The major objective of this course is to enable students to develop an understanding of the ‘micro innovation perspective of the construction industry and identify the difference between a proactive versus a reactive approach to the adoption of technology.’


Basic Details:


  1. Title: A Micro Perspective on the Role of Innovation and Technology in the Nepalese Construction Industry
  2. Audience: Students from any level including outside participants
  3. Eligibility: Participants must have completed the undergraduate level and must answer the questions of the registration form.
  4. Schedule: A single 2-hour session
  5. Tool: Google Meet
  6. Value addition: After completing this course, students will gain the basics of one of the most important topics of the contemporary world: Innovation and Adoption of technology in developing economies. All students will be given a certificate of participation after the successful completion of the course.


  1. Study units:


Unit 1: Innovation and Technology

Unit 2: Adoption: Proactive vs Reactive


  1. Tutor : Trishik Shrestha | Profile: The tutor is a MIBM alumnus of British College who has completed the programme with distinction. He has more than 2 years of teaching experience with The British College and the International Institute of Management Science. He also has experience as a senior management executive in multiple organizations and is frequently a part of Humanitarian relief programs.


 2. Registration Form Link:



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