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Webinar Session on Covid: 2nd Wave in Nepal

Date: 04 Jun 2021 15:00 PM
Venue: The British College, Kathmandu


With the number of cases rising each day, near and dear ones getting affected, and amid lockdowns, stress and anxiety are at an all-time high in the second wave of Covid 19. The second wave is severe not just because of the toll it’s taking due to the huge population being affected but also because it suddenly came when everything seemed to be returning to normal.
In this context, The British College is organising a Webinar Session on Covid: 2nd Wave in Nepal. This session will be led by Dr Navdeep Nath, Dr Sumitra Kafle and Ms Jessica Richards where they will be discussing the lifestyle and preventive measures to be followed in this second wave of Covid-19.
Join us for this webinar session on 4th June, Friday at 3 pm.



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