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1st Inter-College E-Sports Championship 2016

Date: 22 Aug 2016 10:00 AM
Venue: Trade Tower, The British College

Today, E-Sports is an incredibly popular competition and the number of participants is continuously increasing. In recent months the number of events for LAN Sports Carnivals has risen, as has the number of teams involved in such events, due to this escalating popularity. Thus, at The British College we want to promote this growing interest and participation in E-Sports and seek to maximise team involvement in our upcoming event. We will be hosting a well-managed and exciting E-Sports festival with the bonus of prizes and rewards for the successful teams


The event is a five days extravaganza and the first time, in the history of Nepalese E-Sports industry, that any Inter-College tournament has been held. All this and more will make the “1st Inter-College E-Sports Championship 2016” one of the most anticipated events in the history of Nepal’s E-sports Industry. The competition will provide a platform for current gamers to network, and will give individuals who wish to join the movement a chance to get involved.




Event details:

                      Event : 1st Inter-College E-Sports Championship 2016

                      Venue : The British College, Trade Tower, Thapathali

                      Organiser: The British College (IT Club)                       

                      Date : 22-27 August 2016


Entry Fees:

                      DOTA 2 : NRs. 2000.00 Per Team 

                      CS-GO : NRs. 2000.00 Per Team 

                      FIFA 16 : NRs. 300.00 Per Person 


Registration forms are available at :
1) Amol cyber - jhamsekhel near bigmart
2) online cafe (OC) - opposite to united academy kumaripati
3) Gorey's station- kumaripati
4 )PowerPlay (pp)
5) The British college- Thapathali


For Registrations :

                      Student Services Department (SSD) : 01-5111101 Ext. 115/109

                      Pranaya Dahal : 9813922112

                      Pratik Gautam : 9842571729

                      Bibek Jung Shah : 9808871919





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