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Earthquake Drill

Date: 04 Feb 2016 11:40 AM
Venue: The British College, Trade Tower, Thapathali

Please be informed that we are having an Earthquake drill on Thursday, the 4th of February, sharp at 11:40 am.


Faculty/CRs/Staff are also asked to act as Earthquake wardens, so that students are aware of their position during the drill. The element of surprise is not important to practicing the Earthquake drill. Kindly take note that the college drills must be taken seriously – everyone in the building must participate. There is one way out of the college in case of an Earthquake which is near the restroom, near to the basketball court; please follow the exit signage which will be placed very soon. Do not use the lift and inside stairs! 

We are using East Exit and the evacuation center is Basketball Court.


Faculty / CRS- to take attendance along with you to evacuation center and students of the class safely to the Basketball Court via East exit. Make class line-up in the proper way at BB Court.



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