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South Asia International MUN Conference

Date: 25 Dec 2015 16:42 PM
Venue: The British College, Trade Tower, Thapathali

The Model United Nations (MUN) conference is, essentially, a simulated debate platform where participants learn--as active agents-- diplomacy, artful negotiation, and the operation of the United Nations and how it can facilitate international relations to achieve dynamic and impactful humanitarian goals. Participants in our MUN conference will take on, as a committee, current or historical world crises and through effective debate, brainstorm and adopt insightful resolutions that go beyond the politics of competing national interests and benefit the world as a whole. The conference aims to foster global relationships among countries around the world, involving the innovative youth of international origin.


Over three days, the participants will be presented with the opportunity to meet people from different backgrounds, share ideas and work to create long-lasting bonds with like-minded individuals, not to mention of course all the fun during the process. It is with great pleasure with which we would like to invite you to the magnificent South Asia International MUN conference. You don’t want to miss this compelling opportunity to be a global leader.





Event date: December 25-27, 2015

Venue: The British College, Trade Tower, Kathmandu



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