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TBC Webinar on Automation that Comes Next

Date: 21 Nov 2022 07:00 AM
Venue: Online

The British College is proud to organise a Webinar Session on the topic - "Automation that Comes Next". The Speaker of this session is Salome Bhatt, Social Entrepreneur. Salome Bhatta is a Learning Design Innovation Technology, Masters in Education candidate at the Harvard Graduate School of Education. Her current concentrations include Artificial Intelligence in learning spaces, education economy, and analyzing the design of alternate instruction modalities of digital games like Roblox, ITS etc.
Salome is filled with hope for what lies ahead for Nepal. She believes that Nepal is unique; its authenticity, culture, NEPHOP and Nepali essence needs to be preserved. When she is not at Berkman Klein Centre working as an Events Research Assistant for hosting cyber and tech-related talks and events, she likes to read and make insta stories.
The session will focus on the techniques of how innovators, philanthropists, technologists and agencies can build equitable businesses, organizations and workplaces.



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