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Why You Should Make ‘Yourself’ Your New Year’s Resolution | Happy Minds Blogs

Published on: 2021-12-30 06:51:33

Why You Should Make ‘Yourself’ Your New Year’s Resolution | Happy Minds Blogs

Why You Should Make ‘Yourself’ Your New Year’s Resolution


Prioritising yourself as your new year's resolution is a fantastic opportunity to start the year off right. But making resolutions can be hard (and following them can be even harder) which is why we have gathered together our top 25 tips to make sure you can’t fail. 


Let’s make this year all about you!


  1. Be your own Santa and help yourself :)

  2. Ensure your mental wellbeing
  3. Take help if you are suffering from any mental health issues
  4. Opportunities won’t come at your door, so go and work for them!
  5. If you want to tell someone how you feel, do not hesitate. Push yourself and have the courage to speak up!
  6. Put yourself first
  7. Learn a new skill
  8. Expand your network
  9. Get organised
  10. Have more family time
  11. Start developing healthy habits
  12. Start saving money
  13. Avoid setting unrealistic goals
  14. Start with small steps
  15. Limit your resolutions
  16. Learn from the past
  17. Understand why you should make a change
  18. Be more productive 
  19. Take more breaks
  20. Avoid repeating past failures
  21. Level up your daily routine with some dopamine filled exercises
  22. Write a to-do list
  23. Enjoy a cup of coffee, tea, or wine
  24. Don’t forget to smile!
  25. And remember, whenever you need help we are always here and you can contact Happyminds. health anytime. 


To learn more about how to restructure a better year for your wellbeing, speak to one of our friendly counsellors by booking a session: 9801029500, 9801031442




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