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“New Year, New Me”

Published on: 2023-01-12 09:15:58

“New Year, New Me”

As we approach the New Year, we encourage you to prirotise your mental health - and we have some top tips about hwo to do it. So read our handy guide on fostering postive psychology, letting go of difficult emotions, and reching out for help. 


Ways to Foster Positive Psychology in 2023


  • Be more emotionally aware
  • Appreciate asking yourself
  • Recognise and be grateful for your wins
  • Set and embrace healthy boundaries
  • Process difficult emotions
  • Liberate yourself from fear and befriend courage


How to Let Go to the Difficult Emotions of 2022

  • Turn towards your emotions with ACCEPTANCE 
  • IDENTIFY AND LABEL the emotions
  • Realize the IMPERMANENCE of the emotions
  • INQUIRE and INVESTIGATE your triggers
  • LET GO of the need to control your emotions


Want support in rewriting a healthier version of yourself for the new year? Then Get in touch with us by filling out this form or get in touch via email at; or on Whatsapp/Viber at +977 9801031442. 




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