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BSc CSIT VS BSc (Hons) Computing

Published on: 2016-09-09 05:24:13

BSc CSIT VS BSc (Hons) Computing

 BSc (Hons) Degree (Four years degree with three years option)

 BSc CSIT (Four years degree)-6-11 Lakh
  • Open to students from any faculty (science, management etc)
  • BSc CSIT is Open to students from science faculties only.
  • Degree awarded by Leeds Beckett University which is recognized worldwide.
  • BSc CSIT Degree awarded by Tribhuvan University. Not recognised as an international degree & needs equivalence with an international degree if students apply abroad for further study. 
  • Course is designed with a holistic approach to learning which reaches beyond achieving isolated credits
  • BSc CSIT  is designed to achieve isolated credits. That means too many subjects in a semester.
  • The Leeds Beckett BSc (Hons) Computing degree covers Information Technology, Computer Science, Computer Engineering, Software Engineering and Information Systems disciplines.
  • BSc CSIT covers only Computer Science and Information Technology
  • A distinct focus and commitment to preparing students for IT industries.
  • Subjects in BSc CSIT are diverse from Physics, Mathematics to Principal of Management and Human Research Management without focus on any particular area.
  • Courses are updated every three years based on feedback from industries.
  • Courses in BSc CSIT are not updated.
  • Assessment of knowledge implementation includes team work, presentations, project/practical work, research reports, technical reports etc.
  • BSc CSIT examination: Assessment tests memory (3 hours written exams) in both internal and external exams
  • Opportunity for specialization in one of the following areas (Databases, Software Engineering, Web Engineering)
  • Jack of all trades, master of none.
  • We practice problem-based and activity-based teaching and learning with real life projects
  • On completion of the BSc CSIT students end up with theoretical knowledge only thus often opt for a teaching career, with few entering IT positions


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