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A Guide to Online Resources | Meena Tamang , Head Librarian, TBC

Published on : January 31, 2022 at 05:48 AM
Published on : January 31, 2022 at 05:48 AM


This month we are interviewing the Head Librarian of The British College, Meena Tamang. With classes temporarily going back online, it has never been more important to make the most out of the online resources that the library has available. So we asked about how the library is supporting your virtual studies, how to access online resources, and what new things they have coming up! 


“Hi, Meena! With students temporarily working from home, how can the library support their studies virtually?”


As the classes are now online due to the pandemic, it is hard for students to visit the library - but they still have assignments for which library resources - such as books, journals, and articles - are very useful. 


So, we have made sure that all students who are registered at TBC have access to a wide range of e-resources that are available through TBC’s membership with the Nepal Library and Information Consortium. Through here they also have access to a large selection of useful links and a whole library of e-books.


Furthermore, any student registered at the university level also has access to the full range of e-resources that are available through the affiliated universities. 

“That’s great! So, how can students access the online resources?”


The students who are registered with an affiliated university will get access to their e-resources (including e-books, journals, and newspapers) through the login they have been provided by the university. 

For TBC’s resources, students can access them via the Nepal Library and Information Consortium (NeLIC).


“Okay, and finally, what exciting changes do you have planned for the library?”


We are planning to make a number of changes to the library in the coming year. Firstly, we plan to make optimal use of the space available inside the library by adding motivational and inspirational quotations to the beam section of the ceiling. In line with this, we are also planning to redesign all library signage.


Another plan is to develop the digital library at TBC, and manage dissertations, thesis, research reports, research articles etc. on the digital library system. And in terms of the physical resources, we plan to add more non-academic books (both fictional and non-fictional) to the existing library collection. 


To make sure that we are always meeting the needs of our students, we will also be conducting library surveys with all TBC students at least twice a year - regarding library resources and services. Student feedback will then be used to better the library services, and book suggestions will be taken into account in order to upgrade the library collection as per the student's needs. 


That’s great! Thanks, Meena! For any more queries you have about the library and its online resources, you can contact them here: 



  • Edited and compiled by Marney Ryan 


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