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Published on : January 12, 2023 at 09:10 AM
Published on : January 12, 2023 at 09:10 AM

As you know, Argentina won the World Cup 2022 - and there’s no need for us to explain the admiration, love and support that many people in Nepal express for Lio Messi. However, our “Vamos!” (Spanish for “Let’s go!”) this time goes to our very own BMC Football Team, the very first one to have played and represented us at ICAFT (Inter-College A-Levels Football Tournament).


Renowned schools such as St. Xavier’s and Kasthamandap took part in the event, which was organised by and played at Budhanilkantha School, between the 3rd and 6th of December. Our unstoppable Team, formed by students from both AS and A2 Levels, and coached by one of our respected parents, Mr Tara Begha, reached the Semi-Finals! And I can hardly describe how proud I am - as a Teacher, ECA Coordinator, and Team Manager – of their praiseworthy efforts. 


Accepting Budhanilkantha’s invitation and playing at the Tournament for three days in a row, required a ton of teamwork and dedication, not only from our wonderful Football Team itself, but also from all of BMC Administrative and Operational Staff. And I would like to personally thank and salute each of them for making this possible. 


So, as you read each of their names below and watch the following – humble – video edit of mine, I’d like you to cheer for these champions of VAMOS, BMC!

Thanks to Anggath Bantawa, AMAZING Team Captain; Anjal Pulami – Team Sub-Captain; Adarsh Poudel – Player; Deepesh Rai – Player; Namnuhang Rai – Player; Riwaj Thulung – Goalkeeper; Sailesh Budha – Player; Sairash Chandra Begha – Player; Sakshyam Tandukar – Player; Shuva Kiran; Tamang - Player; Pravin Sun Rana Magar – Player; Sohan Puri – Player; Swoyam; Harsha Bajracharya – Player ; Krish Basnet - Krish Basnet; Sajit Hasmi – Player


Hemanta Tamang – Player; Kushal Jung Karki – Player ; Manish Baduwal – Player 


Special thanks to Mr Tara Chandra Begha – Team Coach; Mr Rajan K Rai – A-Level Programme Manager, who made sure the Team had amazing jerseys!; Ms. Gyanu Bhandari – Operations Manager, for all the logistics and support; Mr. Kumar Dai – TBC driver, who transported us and waited for us patiently


SUPER special thanks to Ms Sabanam Thapa – A -Level Administrator, who worked tirelessly as a driver, coordinator, supervisor and team fan!!!


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