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This month we are interviewing MBA student Yukta Joshi, who is in the final months of her Master’s Degree at The British College. As she approaches the end of her course, we decided to ask her about how the festival season affects local businesses, how covid has impacted the economy, and what advice she has for the new wave of students getting ready to start the MBA programme this month. 


“Hi, Yukta! Let’s talk about festivals. How did you celebrate and how do you feel the festival season impacts the local economy?”


I love the festival season and especially appreciated it this year as I had the opportunity to spend a lot of time with my family after so long apart due to covid - although, approaching the final months of my course, I was kept rather busy with my studies! In terms of the local economy, it receives a huge boost at this time, as it is undeniably the busiest period for local businesses. It is a time when there are a lot of offers on products, so sales increase enormously and can determine the success rate of that company for the upcoming year. 


 “So, as an MBA student, how do you feel covid has impacted businesses in Nepal?”


I think covid has had a huge impact on businesses in Nepal and around the world. Sadly, there were a lot of losses felt because of businesses having to close and certain products being neglected - the fashion industry for example was hit quite hard. However, there have also been some positive outcomes. Before covid, there were a lot of businesses that were functioning in a very traditional manner, and now they have been forced to operate online. As a result, the business world in Nepal has actually taken a step forward in the technological world. This means that online companies have received a boost, and overall it has served as a lesson for companies to improve their digital marketing and gain an online presence. 


“How do you feel about approaching the end of your course, and what advice do you have for new students getting ready to start the MBA programme this month?”


My first piece of advice is to hang in there! It can be difficult but it is definitely worth it. For me, the best thing has been that I can manage my own schedule, and as such have been able to juggle my work with my studies. However, this does mean that you have to be good at managing your own time, as there are no exams - so make sure you can apply yourself to research and be independent. It’s also important to attend the classes and make sure you are getting the absolute most out of the course. I have had a great time studying here so I feel sad to be saying goodbye, but at the same time, I am also excited to be moving on and to use all that I have learned to create an exciting future for myself. 


Thank you Yukta! We wish you all the best with the final months of your studies. If you are also interested in studying the MBA then you can check out all the details of our course here: 


Compiled and Edited By Marney Ryan


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