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The British College Win the “Bizcore” Event

The British College Win the “Bizcore” Event

We are proud to announce that on 27th November, The British College was titled the winner of Bizcore - a three-day intercollege event organised by Herald College to test the intellectual expertise and innovation of the participating students.


Starting on the 25th of November, the rigorous event was based on entrepreneurship, SDGs, and the fostering of digital applications with consideration of ESGs. In this way, the event was comprised of multiple sub-events which tested the student's ability to handle real-world scenarios.


Each sub-event gave the participants the chance to tackle hurdles while initiating businesses, exploring sustainability issues, and developing an ideal city for businesses to operate - and included topics such as Lead to Inspire, Dream Project, Symposium, and Green Idea. 


Throughout the competition, TBC won both the Symposium and Lead to Inspire subcategories - and as a result, were titled the winners of the overall event. The winning team members were Dibya Karki, Shriyanshri Joshi, Ashna Pant, Sajan Khatri Chhetri, and Subodh Rupakheti - all from the BBA (Hons) programme.


In winning the students showed their ability to accumulate the ideation of module learning and use their teachings from the core Functionality and Adaptive learning modules on the UWE devised programme. We are proud that each team member was able to fulfil the change adaptation and contingent management of learning and resources and would like to congratulate them all. 


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