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Into the Mustang Wilds - A Weeklong Adventure with Me…

Published on : April 7, 2024 at 12:04 PM
Published on : April 7, 2024 at 12:04 PM

Have you ever had a trip to the Upper Mustang? If not, join me in my journey to Mustang, the mystical wonders of Nepal, where you find shrouded corners of mystery and ancient tales waiting for people like you to unravel.


Trust me, every moment promises an adventure beyond your imagination. Here , I am going to take you into my week-long journey into Mustang wilds.


As the first light of March 10th touched the horizon, me and my friends from ACCA went on a week-long ACCA Tour to Mustang organized by British Professional College.


All the way to Tatopani and Muktinath: BBQ, Dip, and Temple Blessings

Kenisha Shrestha enjoying beauty of Upper Mustang 

Starting our bus journey from KTM, we made a stop at Trishuli where we rafted down some of the craziest waves and later after a refreshing snack and dinner break, danced to a fun DJ session.


The next morning was a hectic day with a very long drive to Tatopani, Beni with late night BBQ and jamming. 


After a sleepless night, we got to experience a quick dip at Tatopani and then made our way to Muktinath Temple through the route of Rupse Falls. 


Hearing so much about this temple, it was unreal to be able to shower through the 108 taps. At dusk, we arrived at Chussang.


Exploring Mustang: From Lo Manthang to Marpha

Kenisha exploring Mustang wilds with her friends of ACCA programme 


After a night at Chussang, we set off for the China Border and The Jhong Cave of Upper Mustang. In the wind that nearly blew us away, we made snow angels and even built a snowman.


We named him 'Gore Ramu'; such a fun memory. Spending a night at Lo Manthang with a bone-chilling -19 degrees was certainly a challenge. After an early morning breakfast, we were on our way to Marpha.


With quick photo breaks in between, some of us went on a hike to Dhumba Lake, which was a hidden gem. Spending a cold, musical evening at Marpha, we also visited the famous 'Jerry Galli'.


The best shopping experience I've ever had was in Marpha, where we bought the local Dry Apple, Chhurpi, local apple pickles, and much more.


Sadly, it was time to leave behind the beauty and the local Thakali of Mustang from throughout the tour, and we were then in Kushma.


Thrills to Kushma and Pokhara

Kenisha's Bungee Jumping experience with The Cliff Nepal 


Kushma treated us to a thrilling experience of bungee jumping and rock climbing. Bungee jumping was unreal.


This tour definitely helped me tick off some items from my bucket list! We hopped on the bus again and made our way to Pokhara. 


There, we were free to explore the city and enjoy its vibrant nightlife. Moreover, the late-night walks around Fewa Lake under the beautiful moon were overwhelming.


Capping off our unforgettable adventure in Nepal, we got to learn and explore so much that we had the best time.


This blog is written by Kenisha Shrestha, an ACCA student currently in her knowledge level. With high enthusiasm and thankfully no Acrophobia, I had the best time throughout the tour.



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