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MBA Consultancy Project Reflection II

Published on : October 11, 2020 at 12:00 PM
Published on : October 11, 2020 at 12:00 PM

“Consultancy Project”

Name: Kamlendra Maharjan
Profession: Network Engineer (Supervisor)
MBA Jan 2019 batch at TBC
Name: Nijen Lal Shrestha
Profession: Marketing Manager
MBA Jan 2019 batch at TBC
Name: Srawan Pandey
Profession: Sales Manager
MBA Jan 2019 batch at TBC

Background Information: Background Information: Nijen, Srawan and Kamlendra are TBC Alumni of the batch of January 2019. As a part of the MBA final project, students are expected to take on the applied research as a Consultancy Project. This group of students had the opportunity to work for Syakar Trading Company Pvt. Ltd. as a consultant for 4 months. Below is their reflection on the process of MBA Consultancy Project and their overall experience of the MBA programme at The British College.

Name of the Client: Syakar Trading Company Pvt. Ltd.

For our MBA Final Consultancy Project, we chose Syakar Trading Company. This was because our research area of interest revolved around the automobile company and at the same time we found out that Syakar Trading was also looking for some students/researchers to help them with a relevant project. We approached the company through an official proposal letter stating all our objectives and later the company approved our proposal.

Firstly, we assumed the MBA Consultancy Project just a simple project of helping clients to solve their project and took it lightly, but as we progressed more with the project, the process looked challenging to us because the entire process of coming up with the “recommendations for the Client’s problem” had the extensive empirical research steps.

Later, through intact coordination with the Client as well as our Supervisor and Module Leader in the College we were able to get involved into the applied research process and hence were able to come up with practical recommendations to address the problem.

At first, when we started off with the project, we had less knowledge about how we would proceed with it. Our regular meetings with Supervisors and Module Leaders helped us clear our doubts and helped us bridge our knowledge gap. These guidance sessions were very practical and highly focused on the objective of the research project which helped us understand the importance of the entire process of the project.

The major problem that we faced was during the data collection stage as we had to collect a large sample size and due to the COVID-19 lockdown, it was very difficult to collect our data. Another major problem we faced was time management as all three group members were working professionals hence managing time for both work and CP during the pandemic situation was a bit of a struggle but we accepted the challenge, struggled and completed everything on time without failure.

We are glad that our 4 months long applied research helped our Client with some value addition in terms of receiving the recommendations on customer persona, detailed insight on their target customer and for an effective marketing message.

Working on this project was a wonderful experience and very fruitful which improved our research, formal communication (written and verbal), time management, interpersonal and decision-making skills. The help and continuous support from Supervisors, College management and the Client were invaluable.

Anyone who wishes to do research on any given topic should always give it a try. Research process is like a domino, once you get hold of some information and start the process of learning and unlearning, you always need to deep dive into it to get more valuable information.

Lastly, MBA in TBC is a good choice as this College has well experienced teaching Faculty members and the course contents totally meet the core objectives of the programme.

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