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Celebrating Wins: TBC Incubation Centre’s Journey of Success

Published on : November 30, 2023 at 04:04 PM
Published on : November 30, 2023 at 04:04 PM

The TBC Incubation Centre, a thriving hub for startups and entrepreneurs, has been at the forefront of supporting and nurturing groundbreaking initiatives. In the dynamic world of entrepreneurship, every milestone achieved is a testament to hard work, innovation, and collaborative efforts. So, let’s take a closer look at some of our most recent wins:


1. Triumphs at Ace Spectrum and IIC Innovex

Two of our biggest standout successes from the Incubation Centre this year have to be Ace Spectrum and IIC Innovex. These startups have not only flourished but have also become shining examples of what can be achieved with the right support and resources. Ace Spectrum’s journey from ideation to execution showcased the impact of strategic mentorship and the collaborative environment fostered at TBC Incubation Centre. And likewise, IIC Innovex, with its innovative approach, was a clear example of how the Incubation Centre fuels creativity and forward-thinking.

2. Research Collaboration with AOTS for Japanese Product:

TBC Incubation Centre has also ventured into global collaborations, with a notable achievement being the research collaboration with AOTS Nepal (The Association for Overseas Technical Cooperation and Sustainable Partnerships). This collaboration has opened doors to explore Japanese products in the Nepalese market, creating a bridge for cross-cultural innovation and paving the way for exciting opportunities and knowledge exchange.


3. Research Collaboration with Dr. Fergus Lyon on SMEs of Nepal:

In the realm of academic collaborations, one of our biggest breakthroughs came when joining forces with Dr. Fergus Lyon for research on Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in Nepal. This partnership not only brought academic rigour to the Incubation Centre but it also contributed valuable insights to the broader entrepreneurial ecosystem. The research collaboration is a testament to the centre’s dedication to advancing knowledge and supporting initiatives that drive economic growth.


4. Participation in the Nepal Youth Entrepreneurship Summit:

Our active participation in the Nepal Youth Entrepreneurship Summit marked a significant milestone for the Centre. The summit served as a platform to showcase the achievements of incubatees, share insights gained through collaborations, and connect with a broader audience. And in doing so, this participation underscored the Incubation Centre’s commitment to community engagement and fostering an entrepreneurial spirit among the youth. 


5. Building the TBC Incubation Community:

At the heart of all these accomplishments is the unwavering support provided by TBC Incubation Centre. The Centre’s holistic approach - combining mentorship, resources, and a collaborative ecosystem, has been instrumental in transforming ideas into success stories. Whether it’s been through events, global collaborations, or academic partnerships, TBC Incubation Centre continues to be a catalyst for innovation and growth. And as we celebrate these wins, it’s clear that TBC Incubation Centre is not just a physical space but rather a vibrant community that empowers, collaborates, and propels startups towards success. 


So stay tuned because the journey doesn’t end here! This is a continuous exploration of new horizons and opportunities, guided by the spirit of entrepreneurship fostered within the walls of the incubation centre - and we can’t wait to see what happens next! 

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