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Ask the Alumni: Trishik Shrestha

Published on : September 30, 2021 at 04:28 AM
Published on : September 30, 2021 at 04:28 AM

Each month, we will be interviewing one of our inspiring alumni to see how they are doing and what they have achieved since graduating. This month, we have chosen Mr Trishik Shrestha, a MIBM alumnus of The British College who completed the programme with distinction. So let’s see how this qualification has helped him and what advice he would give to students who are approaching graduation. 


“Hi Trishik! So, tell us, what have you been up to since graduating?”


I was lucky enough to have some teaching experience with both the British College and the International Institute of Management Science.


After that, I decided to move to the field of management and have had experience as a senior management executive in multiple organisations, including my own construction and trading ventures. 


I have also been involved with humanitarian aid and relief programmes and used my expertise and knowledge in innovation and business development to augment the operations of the ventures that I am a part of.

“How do you think that The British College helped to contribute to the success that you have had since graduating?”


I see now that there is a profound difference between simply studying business, and actually learning about the various intricacies that drive your venture through guided research and thought-provoking lectures and seminars. That is what the MIBM module at TBC provided me with. 


This, in my opinion,is the best approach to getting your masters degree. It is what I experienced at The British College and it is one of the main reasons why I would recommend my peers who are seeking advice regarding their post-graduate programmes. 


The encouraging learning experience shared with entrepreneurs and business owners facing similar obstacles, who just so happen to be your peers, is what makes the MIBM experience all the more meaningful. 

“And do you have any advice for current students and future graduates like yourself?”


If I could give just one piece of advice to my fellow students who are beginning their journey, just as I was a few years ago, it would be this: You will never be fully ready to start a business, situations will never be perfect for you to start your career journey, you will never be free enough to take up that extra responsibility, no one will wave a checkered flag asking you to start …

So, just start.


Edited By Marney Ryan

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