Pearson Test of English (PTE) Academic

Pearson Test of English (PTE) Academic

PTE Academic 


The Pearson Test of English (PTE) Academic is entirely computer-based. It uses task-oriented questions to assess the English language ability of people who intend to study or work overseas. It differs from other tests of English proficiency in the fact that its questions, in many cases, are a combination of different skills. The test has been constructed this way to better evaluate a person’s use of English in common realistic situations and functions.


You will need to prepare for the PTE Academic if

You have never taken a computer-based test of English. Taking a completely computer-based English exam is a different experience. You’ll need to become familiar with the PTE Academic format and practice using it.


You’ve never taken a test of English that combines more than one skill in a question. There are quite a few PTE Academic questions where more than one skill is assessed. Our course will instruct you on how to handle these types of questions and give you an opportunity to practice answering them.


About the PTE Academic Course

The course will offer some specific English language instruction—for example, essay writing—but the majority of it will focus on how to navigate the PTE Academic test itself. Unlike our IELTS Preparatory Course, the PTE Academic Course focuses more on the different types of questions and strategies that can be used to answer them successfully rather than on improving your English skills.


Classes are taught by qualified native English instructors with several years of experience preparing students for tests of English proficiency.



A basic level of English is needed to take the course. This will be determined at Admissions.


Course Details

Course Length: 30 hours over 4 weeks

Regular Classes: 2-hour class every Monday, Wednesday and Friday

Practice Tests:  Mock tests on the two last Sundays of the course; each test is 3 hours long 

Registration Details: Contact Admissions to register.

Course Starts: For the course start date, please contact Admissions.


PTE Contact Number : 9803466327



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