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TBC is home for students willing to meet challenges and stretch intellectual boundaries. Each student is encouraged to challenge ideas, exposing the class to a wide assortment of perspectives. This helps them think independently, reason effectively, and learn successfully. The students also engage in a wide variety of extracurricular activities that further help hone their sportsmanship and social skills.



As one of the leading pioneer colleges in Nepal, providing students with an internationally recognised degree, TBC aims to guide and inspire students with an outstanding learning experience. Furthermore, our partnership with universities and organisations, national and international, along with our exceptional student facilities in the college ensure a wide range of opportunities, both academically and professionally.


  • Get value for money with a quality UK degree at a local cost. Gain the same prestigious UK degree at one fifth of the price.
  • Our overall quality (student experience, academic standards, and programme delivery) is underpinned by adherence to the UK Quality Assurance Agency’s Quality Code.
  • The student will earn a direct university degree rather than a degree awarded through a third party.
  • To ensure that students get the education they deserve we have staff with international academic qualifications from the UK, USA, Australia and India. We are dedicated in providing students with the complete international learning experience.
  • Linked with various academic institutions, TBC students have access to regular guest lecturers and speakers from the UK and other countries as well as from reputed corporate houses and public institutions in Nepal.
  • Scholarships are provided for deserving students
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© 2023 All rights reserved The British College