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Welcome from the Principal


It's true to say that the last two years have been difficult for everyone around the world due to Covid. And our students, staff, as well as alumni are no exceptions to this. Just as we returned back to physical classes, we have now had to temporarily return to the online mode with the upsurge of Covid variants.


During the short 'break' from the pandemic last year, our students made the most of being able to gather in person, and the Open Mic, Graduation Ceremony, and Christmas Festival, in particular, come to mind. They really cherished being able to showcase their talents, and being able to share their joy with their friends, family, and TBC staff. 


The good thing about TBC is that no matter what challenges we face, we have always managed to stick to our academic calendar. This has resulted in our students being able to continue to achieve in their studies and plan their future in a systematic manner. And this is all due to the efficiency and support of our partner universities, and the hard work and dedication of our staff and faculty - along with the support of our course reps and of course the students.


Even when we are required to deliver online classes due to Covid, TBC is in a good position to deliver and assess learning and maintain an excellent, if different, student experience.  We have the necessary technical resources in place, we have garnered experience from the last two years, and we are constantly exploring other even better means of delivering quality education.


One of the best protections against Covid is vaccination, and so we would like to encourage all of our students to get fully vaccinated as soon as possible. And, in line with this policy, our colleagues at The British Model College, a sister concern of The British College, recently offered, in partnership with the local government bodies, a vaccination programme for its students in Chakupat, Lalitpur. This was well received and we expect to carry out more such programmes in the future.


In this time of stress, we all need to support each other. So, if you see any students or staff at TBC who are worried because of Covid, please extend a helping hand. If anything, this pandemic has taught us that a small act of kindness goes a long way and it continues to remind us how important we are to each other and to appreciate our time together in person.  


Whilst the 'in person meetings may be difficult just now, we will continue to ensure that the virtual experiences connect us.  I hope to see you all soon, but meanwhile, all best wishes for 2022

All best wishes,


Prof Mary Bishop

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