Vacancy for Registry Examinations Officer

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Job Title

Registry / Examinations Officer

Reports to

Registry / Examinations Manager


The British College




 Purpose of the Role


 To ensure a smooth running of registry / examinations department


  Functions of the Post


  • To act as Examination Officer for the TBC
  • To ensure the examinations department is effectively and efficiently operating.


 Key Duties


 The role of Examinations/ Registrar Officer comprises following duties and responsibilities’

  • To act as the clerical assistant of the Registry / Examinations Department
  • Filing of students record
  • ID cards record keeping on Excel
  • Arranging ID Cards as per Programme/ Level
  • Liaise with SSD to track and monitor students’ attendance and inform registry / head of examinations department accordingly for ultimate action.
  • Printing of questions paper-liaise with printing section
  • Photocopy of materials whenever required- liaise with printing section
  • Scanning if certificates/ transcripts liaise with printing section
  • Assist Examination Head carrying out pre-examination formalities (Admit card issuance, Attendance Sheets, Seats plan etc.)
  • Invigilation During Examination
  • Distribution of certificates/ transcripts/ character certificates
  • Clerical duties during registration process- data processing
  • Distribution/ collection of feedback forms from students liaise with SSD
  • Recording feedback data on Excel
  • Recordings marks on Excel prior to results publication for all programmes/ levels
  • Pasting materials/ examination schedules on Noticeboard.
  • Calling up students whenever required ( For registration related matters or for SSLC meeting)
  • General Administration / Clerical duties whenever required for both Register & Examination Department.


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