Vacancy for Operations Officer

Techie IT

Job Title

Operations officer

Reports to

Operations manager /Director






Purpose of the Role


To ensure a smooth running of the Operations Department


Duties and Responsibilities  


  1. Oversee and direct daily administrative processes and procedures
  2. Oversee and Track vendor pricing, purchasing to get the best deal for the College
  3. Review all operational invoices and ensure only correct invoices are submitted for payment.
  4. Maintain relationships with key operations vendors. 
  5.  Ensure about the events and logistic support 
  6. Prepared the Purchase Order and record.
  7. Provide the guideline to staff in resolving operational issues
  8. Conduct regular meetings with the team to discuss issues, concerns, updates etc and provide operational support and guidance to the team.
  9. Conduct regular meeting with staff to discuss on an operational updates, ideas and issues
  10. Coordination for vehicle arrangement (indoor and outsource) for staff and students 
  11. Establish effective relationships with individuals at all levels across the organization, as well as external parties.
  12. Maintain the inventory record and name/number tag
  13. Analysis of our inventory and ensure we are utilizing our inventory effectively, purchasing the right equipment, maintaining solid inventory data. 
  14. Learn and adapt quickly and actively execute on change requests.
  15. Ability to effectively time manage to deliver on tight deadline
  16. Total responsibility of store (update the items, necessary coordination, issuance with proper record, verify the need, verify the utility) in coordination with site staff
  17. Vendor payment -update 
  18. Coordination with interdepartmental and update with Monday .com Ticketing board  
  19. Proper record of documents (hard copy and digital copy i.e. contract, MOU /Renewal of MOE /TU documents)
  20. BHM Kitchen /Café Procurement 


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