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TBC Students Counselling and Well being Unit

TBC Students Counselling and Well being Unit

We offer professional and psychological support for students, teachers, and staff members wanting to explore any difficulties they may be experiencing. Our team of counselors provides a safe and confidential space to talk about your life and anything that may be confusing, painful, or uncomfortable. The service is free for all members of The British College


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What to expect from counselling?

The experience of counselling will begin with a 45-60 minute session in which you and the counsellor work together to make sense of your experience, to conceptualise your problems in new ways, and to think together about how you might want to move forward. While some challenges may take time to overcome, the aim is to work on your challenges and move on to building a healthier version of yourself.

Who do we support?

The British College members; students, teachers and staff members with Existing mental health conditions (such as student’s energy level, concentration, poor performance, co-occurring depression and anxiety, more) Stress and worry Unhappiness, low mood and loneliness Anyone who has been a victim of crime Relationship difficulties (including difficulties with your friends, families, colleagues)


What support is available?

We believe that every person’s journey is different, the support you will receive from Student Counselling and Wellbeing Unit at The British College will be tailored to each individual’s needs. The support includes but does not restrict to: Virtual counselling service with a Mental Health professional Confidential discussion with a Mental Health professional Developing a support plan with the next steps on working on yourself Self-help techniques


Who is the service available for?

Students counselling and wellbeing unit at The British College is offering psychological support and counselling services to all students, teachers and staff members.


How can I prepare for counselling?

Your initial session request is an opportunity for you to tell your counsellor why you have referred yourself for counselling. It is okay if you do not know what your challenge is at this point. But, you may want to think about any questions you may have for the counsellor at this stage.


If you would like to make an appointment, please email Please note that, currently, all counselling appointments are via video call (or, if this is not possible for you, via phone)

TBC Students Counselling and Well being Unit



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