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Dear All,


This autumn season is bringing us many things new - new students, new courses, and new projects - all at the British College.  


We are delighted to welcome our new students and are particularly excited to be able to welcome them in person at TBC, given the fact that until recently, students had to take online classes due to the pandemic.  


In September, many of these new students had the opportunity to attend student orientation programmes either here at TBC or in Nagarkot. These orientation programmes provided an opportunity for them to better acquaint themselves with their classmates, faculty, and staff.  And through this process, they were hopefully able to experience what it means to be a member of TBC, which is - in its essence - not the physical building, but the people who make the community within it.  


And we were also excited to offer a new course from the University of West of England (UWE), our British university partner of almost 10 years. The new BSc Honours Computer Security and Digital Forensics course* provide an area of key skill growth that is much needed by employers in Nepal, and our foundation students who join this academic year will have the choice of progressing to the brand new degree in January 2022. 

*(subject to validation)


Introducing these new courses is an example of how TBC is always ensuring that we are offering cutting edge courses so that our students are fully prepared for the changing job market.  


I look forward to sharing more news of further developments in the near future.  


Meanwhile, I wish you and your family all the best for Dashain.


With kind regards,


Prof Mary Bishop

Executive Principal

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