Interview with Professor Mary Bishop on achieving BAC Accreditation

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  1. As the only higher education institution in Nepal with a British Accreditation Council (BAC) accreditation, what is the TBC central  purpose that connects its staff, students, alumni, and the community, and makes its members deliver the quality of service that goes beyond their call of duty?


I have worked in international higher education for over 25 years, much of my work focussed on the quality assurance of British standards in education which is delivered by partners overseas.   I have worked with The British College since it was set up in 2012 and, for me, the decision to work with any institution is based on the quality of experience and outcome that is delivered to the students.  And of course, this is determined by the leadership and their commitment to invest in the resources needed for high quality.  The British College has always committed not just to excellent physical resources but also to recruiting skilled academics and support staff, and staff development.  Students are partners at The British College and we listen to their ideas and work to build them into quality-led responses, we also work closely with alumni and the community.   So in essence I think we all partner in a way that commits to our central purpose - to deliver excellent student experience and outcomes.


  1. What is the role that TBC alumni and students can play to ensure TBC’s continued success in the future?


One of the joys of working in education is being part of the lifelong learning journey of all our students and graduates.  As soon as students graduate we welcome them into our alumni and encourage them to continue to be part of the British College 'family'.  There are so many ways they can support current students by role modeling, buddying, giving guest lectures, coming to/being part of events and conferences.   The success of the College is ultimately determined by the continuing success of our students and alumni and we work hard to support that through learning, learning support, employability support, and lots of other projects and initiatives.


  1.  What has TBC learned from the BAC accreditation process, and what can it build on?


The important thing about any detailed accreditation process is that it gives you a chance to review what you do, reflect on any changes you make.  It offers an independent 'outsider view' of quality and standards.  That is why we are so delighted not just to be the first institution in Nepal to gain this award, but to do so without any conditions - and to have good practice highlighted.  We have really learned from this process and our focus is now on further enhancement as we grow - deeper partnership with students, more projects to benefit our students, such as our new Wellbeing Centre.  This award underpins what we have achieved and provides a foundation for us to do more - investing in further enhancements of an already highly accredited student experience and outcome. 

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