Applying to The British College

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Applying to The British College

Applying to The British College  

We consider each applicant to The British College as a whole person, and put enormous care into evaluating every application. What follows is a brief outline of our Application Process.


Step 1 – Meeting
An informal meeting with our admissions department and officers to discuss any queries you may have and to give you assistance with your application including what documents you need. If you need help certifying your documents, we can assist you with this.

Step 2 - Application

First you must complete an application form. Once you have decided on the course that you wish to study, you simply complete the application form online or fill it out manually by obtaining an application form from the College, for evaluation by our Admissions Team. You also need to submit CERTIFIED copies of the documents required.

Step 3 – Submission

Once you have submitted your application form and all your required documents, our admission department will then assess your application. If we require any more information, we will contact you immediately

Step 4 – Placement Test

You will be invited to take a TBC placement test which will help us to decide the entry point on your desired course.

Step 5 – Offer

On acceptance of your application, you will be invited to return to college within 48 hours for enrollment process.


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