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Techie IT


  • BBA (Hons) Business and Management
  • BSc (Hons) Computing 
  • BSc (Hons) Hospitality Business Management (BHM)
  • Master in International Business Management (MSc IBM)
  • MBA (Graduate)
  • Weekend EMBA 
  • MSc in Information & Technology (MSc IT)
  • ACCA (Association of Chartered Certified Accountants)

  • To comply with Ministry of Education regulations
  • To provide an undergraduate foundation programme and a pre-masters programme, which have both been designed to make you familiar with the British education system and ensure your education is up to international standards.
  • To provide you with extra time to improve your academic skills and complete your dissertation
  • To ensure your degree is recognised in the USA and Canada.

  • First you need to apply either in person or online.
  • Then you will receive a conditional offer.
  • After this you must male a deposit payment to secure your place in the process.
  • You then need to provide the evidence required in your conditional offer letter (i.e. original certificates).
  • If necessary, you will then be asked to sit our English test.
  • If all of the above is completed and approved - you will receive an unconditional offer.
  • Then you can make your final payment and secure your place on the course.

  • First, we will compare your qualifications against our requirements.
  • As such, before you apply, you should be in a position to know if you will be accepted or not.
  • However, in unusual circumstances, applications will be sent to our partner university who will assess your application and decide if you are eligible.


  • Academic certificates and transcripts.
  • Certified evidence of English level (ie.e. IELTS, TOEFL etc.)
  • Any support letters you may have.
  • If studying the Weekend MBA (Executive) you will also be asked to provide a CV showing managerial experience.

  • Yes! As you are studying exactly the same course as your counterparts in UWE and LBU you have the same options as students at those universities do.
  • So, as long as your course maps against the overseas institution course where you are planning to transfer to, you can apply anywhere.
    • We ensure you have international exposure, by providing expatriate staff, international students and a mixture of international lecturers.
    • You will receive a full UK degree, from a top ranking UK university - for just a fraction of the price.
    • Your degree will be recognised around the world.
    • We pay our staff more than any other college in Nepal, so that we can attract the top lecturers in the country.
    • We also provide students exchange programmes which no other competitors provide in Nepal
    • We provide Post Study Work Visa options for students, so that they can go to the UK once they complete their studies.
    • The school is led by British Management - with NRN founders and a British Principal.
    • You will receive full access to the partner universities library and blackboard facilities.

  • Yes, we have a dedicated Student Services team who will help ensure that you receive the education that you deserve.
  • We also provide counsellors for both academic and non-academic support and have a dedicated Wellbeing team.
  • We also have a separate placement department for internships and placements.

Student Services can assist you in finding Kathmandu based accommodation with our partner hostels and accommodation services.

- Yes, you have the option to complete a part of your course at our partner universities, UWE and LBU, in the UK.

- We also have a partner College in Dubai, The Woolwich Institute.

- The Student Services team will assist you with the location change and credit transfer facilities.

A student exchange program is where a student from one college/university will spend a semester or a year at another university but will then return to their original university.  Students can participate in this throughout any of their degree course (i.e. not during their foundation year or pre-master's program)

  • Access to our reference section online( University Blackboard)
  • Access to e-resources targeted at Foundation Level and Pre-Masters students through the Nepal Library and Information Consortium.
  • Books, periodicals, and journals from the UK, India and Nepal.
  • A librarian who will assist you in sourcing information.
  • A quiet and comfortable environment to work and study in.
  • A comprehensive collection of ebooks, eResources, magazines, and cyber facilities.
  • An Incubation Room for group study and Personal Cabins for individual study.
  • Work placements will be available to all interested students.
  • We have signed multiple Memorandums of Understanding with key companies within Nepal & Overseas and are also working with international agencies for internship placements abroad.

  • A Basketball court
  • Fitness Facilities
  • Football-Futsal
  • Badminton
  • Table Tennis
  • Pool Tables
  • Indoor Games

Yes, however this is currently only available for A Level Students due to the differing schedules of undergraduate and postgraduate students.

Please see our website for a list of our faculty. However, we have very strict hiring processes for faculty who also are required to be approved by our university partners before they are allowed to teach. This ensures that students get the best education possible.

  • Our class sizes differ depending on lectures, seminars, and tutorials.
  • However, on average classes are for between 25 and 35 students.

  • Yes, master’s students are permitted to work during their studies.
  • Furthermore, the Master programmes have been scheduled to accommodate working hours and classes are taught in the mornings, evenings, and weekends.

  • This will vary depending on your course and on your year but you can expect to be in from Sunday to Friday, either in the morning (7am - 11am) or afternoon (11am - 3pm).
  • This will be fully detailed in your course handbook.

  • Again, this will vary depending on the Programme that you are studying but currently, our courses run from Sunday to Friday and are held in the morning (6:30 AM - 9:30 AM).
  • Our Weekend EMBA however has classes in the evening and during the weekend to accommodate the students work schedule.

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