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As times are changing, business houses and corporate worlds are starting to shift their line of thinking  towards the lens of “impact"! And TBC is facilitating students to be a part of that change by introducing the brand new Course Map Project, "BBA: Innovate for Impact" . 


Now every business and management decision is concerned not only with profit, but also with people and the planet. So, in line with this changing landscape of national and international context, TBC is using the framework of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) with our new “Innovate for Impact” project initiative. 


What is Innovate for Impact?


The aim of this project is to facilitate students to help them become sustainable leaders who can think about how they can make an impact while they are experiencing the BBA curriculum. 


Our programme offers a distinctive setting for students to cultivate and delve into their own social impact startups through a series of modules and evaluations. Social enterprises are businesses that aim to solve social or environmental problems while generating profits and our initiative aims to equip students with the necessary skills and knowledge to create socially responsible ventures that can contribute to making a positive impact on society - and the TBC Incubation Centre has been a guide in making this project a reality.


At TBC, we believe that business with purpose is the key to a sustainable future. That's why we continuously link Sustainable Development Goals in this project and have national and international SDG experts on board to guide and advise. Our aim is to offer societal impact through our own curriculum, where students learn to think about "value addition" to the community from the moment they study business and management.


Launching the Project 


On 17th February, BBA L4 students, faculty members, and management came together to celebrate the official launch of the “BBA: Innovate for Impact” project. Two important keynote speakers, Mr Ashutosh Dixit and Mr Abiral Khatri, also joined the launch event and shared their wealth of knowledge and expertise in the field of business, innovation, and sustainable development goals.


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