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Workshop on Digital Forensics


The British College, Kathmandu

Start At : December 2, 2022 at 11:00 AM

This workshop is designed for people with a working knowledge of computer forensics but looking to go deeper into specific skill and techniques of the field. The course will consist of presentations to explain the concepts of computer forensics as well as demonstrations of proper collections of digital evidence. This course is designed for anyone with an interest computer forensics to get a taste of the real world of digital forensics examination.


What you'll learn:


 Understanding what computer forensics is

 Be able to mount a drive for analysis

 Be able to make a forensics image from a drive

 Understand basics of first responder to scene and what should be done to secure the digital evidence

 Understanding of different types of computer forensics software

 File carving and the Thumb DB file

 Recycle bin and deleted files forensics

 USB forensic example

 Examining and analysing volatile information

 Basic Network forensic and malware forensic Tools used We will be using mostly open source tools, such as Autopsy, FTK imager, Volatility and Scalpel which will be downloaded during the workshop




A Brief Introduction to Cyber Security

- Foundation of Cyber Security (Networking and Programming)

- Demonstrations (Phising, Keylogger, SQL Injection, Unsecured API and Dictionary Attack)





Basic knowledge of computers and ability to run software applications


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