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TBC Open Mic Programme


The British College, Kathmandu

Start At : November 19, 2021 at 11:30 AM

TBC Open Mic Programme 


On 19th November 2021, The British College organised an “Open Mic” programme for its students. 


The programme took place in The British College conference hall and was attended by the Associate Dean for Quality and Student Services, Mr Yamal Chandra Rajbhandary; the Student Services Manager, Mr Sunil Shrestha; and a number of faculty, including programme leaders. The session was led and executed under the guidance of Mr Himal Karki, from the Student Services Department and Ms Oshin Oli, TBC Student Voice Officer Intern. 


The event was a part of one of the numerous extracurricular activities organised by TBC every year and was the first of its kind at the College. It was chosen and delivered with the aim of providing a platform for students to showcase their talent and to assist them with their public speaking, communication, and leadership skills - but most importantly to help them to gain the tactics required to present themselves confidently when public speaking. 


The event was a great success, with a total of 14 participants - from different levels and programmes, and was attended by more than 100 students. Participants entertained the audience with a variety of talents - including their mesmerising voices, dances, poems, and stories. And the audience showed their appreciation by cheering and shouting, “once more” for their favourite performances. 


The programme continued for two hours and concluded with remarks from the Associate Dean for Quality and student services, Mr Yamal Chandra Rajbhandary. The participants were also given certificates as a token of encouragement. This event not only provided students with the opportunity to showcase their talents but also allowed the whole of The British College family to witness some truly extraordinary performances - and marked the start of a new TBC tradition for such events to follow in the future. 


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