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Jingle bells, Jingle bells, it’s the BMC Xmas Fest!


The British College, Kathmandu

Start At : December 23, 2022 at 11:00 AM

Regardless of one’s religious preferences, the celebration of Christmas has become a worldwide phenomenon that people from different backgrounds observe as an occasion for gathering with significant others and giving gifts as a sign of caring and love. So as the year 2022 comes to an end - and what a year it was - we threw a party – and what a party it was!


The “BMC X-mas Fest” had everything you could need for a fun, festive-season treat. Our Business Club brought in a variety of food stalls to delight our appetites, offering everything from samosas and bubble tea, to sweets and even homemade nachos! There were also some artsy stalls around selling anime-printed mugs and stickers, and even a beauty products stand. 


Our Sports Club also set up a series of board games and arcades to keep our guests amused. And of course, no party is complete without a good show, so our Music, Drama, and Dance Clubs did a wonderful job of spreading the Christmas joy with their performances. And even our A-Level Programme Manager, Mr Rajan K. Rai, surprised us with some songs!


What else? Oh, yes, Bingo! This was a student-funded event (except for some gifts that the school treated us with, including musical instruments, a new sound system, and the stage for the event), so in order to cover all of the other logistics, the students themselves raised funds by selling Bingo tickets to literally EVERYONE around. As a result, around seven lucky winners - including BMC staff - got to take home some sweet Christmas prizes - including cash prizes of one, three, and even 5,000 rupees! Doesn’t that sound like a Merry, Merry Christmas indeed?


We must also mention our Arts and Fashion Clubs who decorated the facilities so nicely, even putting up a huge Xmas tree on the stage. And our Community and Social Outreach Clubs, whose members volunteered as Hosts for our Guests as well as working relentlessly to set everything up. 


And so this is how our year comes to an end: working together, as a family, while sharing and having some fun.  But with every end there is also a beginning - so what next? Well, first we have exams, and then the winter holidays which for some will include our wonderful College trip to India! 

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