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Top 5 Tips for our 2021 Graduates

Published on : November 30, 2021 at 10:06 AM
Published on : November 30, 2021 at 10:06 AM

Top 5 Tips for our 2021 Graduates 

With over 400 students graduating this month, we have scoured the internet, interrogated the faculty, and caught up with our alumni to get you our ‘Top 5 Tips for moving forward from the ceremony. From believing in yourself to making others believe in you, read on to see how you can master the next steps in your journey. 



  • Be Kind to Yourself 


First things first - be kind to yourself. Once the buzz of graduation dies down, the reality of applying for work can hit some people hard. It's exhausting and can often come with some rejection - so don't let it get you down! One of the most important things to remember is to not take rejection personally (as hard as that may sound). Something can be gained from each application (even if it's not successful) and you will get there in the end - we promise! 



  • Master your Applications 


To ensure you have the best possible chances of getting your elusive dream job, make sure you include a cover letter. It's your way to stand out from the hundreds of other applicants and personalise your profile. But make sure you do your research first so that you can tailor it to the company you are applying for. And don't forget the best way to make others believe in you - is to believe in yourself! 



  • Sell Your (Fabulous) Self 


It may be the case that despite graduating with a top degree, you don't actually have much work experience - so you will need to find some other ways to sell yourself. Start thinking about what might set you apart from the rest  - hobbies, volunteering, skills workshops, placements - they should all go in there. Likewise, the specific aspects of your degree programme that relate to this job you are applying for should all be outlined.

  1. You Do You 

Remember everyone’s path is different and there is no wrong path to follow - full-time jobs, part-time work, internships, time off, travel, further study -  everyone’s journey is different and no one has the same destination in the end. So you do you. Also, remember that it's okay not to know exactly what you want to do the second you graduate. Give yourself some time to work it out and give yourself a break. 



  • Savour the Moment 


Sometimes we are so busy looking forward that we forget to appreciate the now. You just graduated - and made it through a pandemic! Take a second to congratulate yourself, and savour this momentous life milestone. And also appreciate the relationships that you have built - friendships, professional partnerships, mentors. Just because you are moving on - it does not mean that you have to leave them behind. 


So there we have it - our top 5 tips to make sure you ace this transition. And if you are still struggling then remember we have a counselling team on hand for all of your needs - whether it’s coping with anxiety or simply deciding what to do. You may have graduated but you are still in the TBC family and we will always be here for you.


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