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Patisserie Holds the Key to Your Career

Published on : September 27, 2022 at 10:51 AM
Published on : September 27, 2022 at 10:51 AM

The Xcel Institute, in Kathmandu, Nepal, is now delivering a collection of City of Guilds Level 2 Awards courses which are all tailored around hospitality. Hospitality consistently proves to be one of the steadiest, most successful industries worldwide. With a method of teaching facilities—including hands-on experience, demonstrations, and lectures—these five courses are bound to invite everyone in! Alongside Bartending, Xcel Institute is also offering Barista skills!SO let’s take a look at one of our most popular: Patisserie! 


Why Become a Pastry Chef?


You may not realise that patisserie is in fact an incredibly rewarding and vast career option. With five main types of pastry - and expansion in every direction, pastry chefs combine baking with art to produce food people travel far for. In the past, most pastry chefs were purely generational, taking up family businesses, but as the job sector has expanded, so have its opportunities and the social demand has inspired more people to find pastry as their own way in life. 


With worldwide locations, bakeries can be found in shopping centres, hotels, cruise ships, local towns, and restaurants. So, if you’re someone who loves to create things from the ground up, putting in hard work from start to finish, to proudly display the final product then this could be perfect for you! With good pay, broad opportunities, and the chance to travel to find more recipes, ingredients, and methods, the Xcel Institute can get you to start with a Level 2 Award so you can have the basics covered, ready to approach any bakery and impress with your hard-won skill set. 


If you’re someone who doesn’t shy away from early mornings or hours of hard work and dedication to this craft, then maybe the Xcel Institute can be that crossing bridge from where you currently are, to being faced with a world of opportunity!


Fun Facts to Whip Up Your Interest!


# “Patisserie” directly comes from “expert in French baking”, coined in 1784.

# There is actually a National Pastry Day, in August! And holiday days like this guarantee extra customers!

# There was a pastry war between France and Mexico, during Mexico’s independence in 1821, where a French pastry chef’s bakery was ransacked and the Mexican government refused to compensate! The pastry war lasted for four months.

# Despite “patisserie” coming from France, the first pastries were made by the Greeks, Egyptians, and Romans, by coating meat with flour and wheat and then thrown away once the meat was cooked. However, they made date cakes and honey cakes, which surged in popularity for sweeter pastries.

# There are five different types of pastry: shortcrust, filo, choux, flaky, and puff!

# Despite America having no claim to the origins of pastry, most pastry chefs now reside in New York and Chicago.

# You can enjoy a selection of pastries at the TBC cafe! 

Want to Give it a Go?


You can easily enquire about studying to become a pastry chef with the Xcel Institute by clicking the link right here The Xcel Institute Official Website and checking out all the fees, requirements, awards post-study, and a little extra information provided by the establishment themselves! 


On their website, they have all manner of contact routes, so whether you prefer calling, messaging, or enquiry forms, be sure to check out all your options! And if being a pastry chef isn’t then why not scroll through the other four hospitality-tailored courses? There just might be a new career right around the corner waiting for you!


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