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Culinary Adventure: Flavours and Friendship in Hospitality Business Management

Published on : June 19, 2024 at 02:35 PM
Published on : June 19, 2024 at 02:35 PM

Our experience at the British Brasserie, guided by our enthusiastic trainer, was an amazing culinary escape. Initially, I didn’t think the practical sessions would be special, but the twist of bringing in guests ourselves made us want to take on the challenge. It was like a mission to us to find the guests by ourselves and serve them, so we became marketing experts, roaming around the college and connecting with the community. We invited them to our beautifully decorated service area, styled like a 5-star restaurant. Driven by the excitement and anticipation of new faces, we aimed to bring in more guests each day.


The most interesting part of this practical experience was the variety of roles we took on. Under our trainer's guidance, we juggled everything from head waitress to bartender, serving up dishes and dazzling mocktails. It was a fun challenge that brought us closer together as a team and made the learning process incredibly engaging.

An exciting aspect of this journey was being guided by a well-known chef and trainer from a prestigious hotel. They seamlessly integrated our training with real-life experiences from the hotel industry, giving us a glimpse of what to expect in our future careers. Their stories and insights brought the training to life, making us aware of the challenges and thrills that lie ahead in Hospitality Business Management.
Over ten days, we embarked on an exhilarating culinary journey, alternating between kitchen and service roles. Split into two groups, we created various three-course menus, exploring different cuisines with unique drinks.


Day 1: Continental Cuisine 


On the first day, we dove into the flavours of Continental cuisine. The aroma of roasted cumin filled the kitchen as we prepared a hearty carrot soup. For the main course, we served classic fish and chips with tartar sauce, and for our vegetarian guests, Fusilli alla primavera with a rich béchamel sauce. Dessert was a delightful affair featuring homemade crepes drizzled in chocolate ganache and topped with fresh strawberries. Along with these dishes, the service students impressed everyone with their Virgin Mojitos, adding a refreshing twist to the meal.



Day 2: Indian Cuisine 


The second day took us to the vibrant world of Indian cuisine. We started with crispy aloo tikkis paired with mint chutney, a perfect blend and balance of flavours. The main course featured aromatic jeera rice accompanied by chicken kadai for non-veg lovers and paneer makhani for vegetarians. Sikarni, a traditional sweet yogurt, concluded the meal on a sweet note. Our blueberry lemonade was a hit, balancing the spicy flavours of the dishes perfectly


Day 3: Chinese Cuisine 


On the third day, we explored Chinese cuisine. We kicked off with a comforting veg hot and sour soup, setting the stage for the delicious main course. For the main course, we had black pepper chicken with fried rice that satisfied the non-veg palate, while Szechuan tofu with stir-fried vegetables and veg fried rice catered to vegetarians. For dessert, panna cotta with fresh strawberries offered a delightful end. For the drink, we served fruit punch, which was the perfect accompaniment. On this day we served our college’s VVIP guests, and I personally took on the responsibility. Initially, I was very nervous and my hands were shaking, but they noticed that and generously shared invaluable tips and tricks with me as coincidentally, they were also from an HM background, which made me very happy.



Day 4: Italian Cuisine 


Our journey on the fourth day brought us to Italy. We began with a refreshing garden green salad drizzled in balsamic vinaigrette, setting the stage for what was to come. The main course delighted non-vegetarians with a succulent grilled chicken breast accompanied by sautéed veggies and creamy mashed potatoes topped with mushroom sauce. Meanwhile, vegetarians savored a hearty vegetable lasagne bursting with flavourful layers. To cap off this Italian feast, we indulged in baked yogurt, offering a uniquely satisfying conclusion to our day's culinary adventure. For the mocktail, we prepared a ginger ale mocktail where I was the bartender that day.



Day 5: Nepali Cuisine 


The fifth day was a tribute to Nepali cuisine. We served plain rice (sada khana) with a variety of dishes: jimbu lentils (jimbu kalo dal), cauliflower with potato (kauli aaloo), jimbu potato (jimbu aaloo), and a choice of chicken curry or paneer curry. Other side dishes were fresh spinach, tomato pickle, radish pickle, and a salad of cucumber, carrot, and lemon, adding vibrant flavours. Juju dhau, a creamy yogurt dessert, was a delightful finish, paired perfectly with a refreshing cucumber cooler or lassi. On the last day, we wore cultural dresses and decorated the service area with a Nepali theme. Some of us wore Gurung dresses and sari while others wore gunyo cholo and daura suruwal, creating a beautiful memory.

Looking back, our time at the Brasserie was more than just learning cooking and service skills; it was an adventure filled with fun, laughter, and real-world excitement in Hospitality Business Management. The rush while preparing the dishes, plating them, maintaining the temperature, and serving them to real guests was quite a challenge but also brought immense excitement to us. Thanks to our college and the lively atmosphere, our practical experience was unforgettable, leaving us eager for more. At the end, I wished this practical didn’t end and could continue for a longer time. It gave us skills not only about food but also helped us form a close bond with the kitchen department and the college community.

This culinary adventure was both educational and delicious, enhancing our skills and knowledge across a range of global cuisines, essential for our future in Hospitality Business Management.



Message to Junior Colleagues


To our junior colleagues: Embrace every moment of your practical experience in Hospitality Business Management with enthusiasm and positivity. Every task, no matter how small, holds valuable lessons. Take on challenges headfirst and use them as opportunities to grow. Most importantly, enjoy the journey. These moments will become cherished memories, and the skills and friendships you gain will last a lifetime. Remember, it's not just about learning how to cook or serve; it's about connecting with people, creating lasting memories, and having fun along the way.
By reflecting on our time at the British Brasserie, we not only reminisce about the culinary skills we honed but also the camaraderie and unforgettable memories we made. It's a chapter in our lives that will always bring a smile to our faces.




Suchana Paudel, a dedicated student of Hospitality Business Management at The British College, thrives on her passion for engaging with diverse individuals and cultures. With a background in marketing within the food industry and valuable content writing experience from her internship at Neputer Tech Pvt. Ltd., she brings a dynamic and vibrant energy to all her professional and personal endeavours. Outside her academic pursuits, Suchana enjoys watching movies, traveling, and embarking on exciting culinary adventures, always on the lookout for new experiences and opportunities for growth.



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