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Ask the Alumni | Interview With BSc Computing Alumni Roshan Neupane

Published on : October 29, 2021 at 07:59 AM
Published on : October 29, 2021 at 07:59 AM

Ask the Alumni  

Interview With BSc Computing Alumni Roshan Neupane 

This month we are talking to one of our 2020 graduates, Roshan Neupane. Roshan studied the
BSc (Hons) Computing from 2016 to 2020, and so we decided to ask for his expert opinion on how technology is changing the face of festivals in today's modern world and see what advice he has for our students about staying motivated during the holidays. 


“Hi, Roshan! So, as a BSc Computing graduate, how do you see festivals changing with technology in the coming years?”


With the advancement in technology, it feels inevitable that people will change the way they celebrate festivals. I believe technology has made it easier for people to feel connected with family members far away, especially during festivals. Also, with the recent advent of e-commerce, many people are finding it easier to shop for their festival needs. So, I feel technology has helped bring inclusiveness and togetherness during festivals while also making festivals more accessible. And, if caution is applied to avoid some pitfalls of technology (mainly the internet and social media), embracing technology during festivals can enhance the festive experience.


“In what ways do you feel technology has been used more this year due to the pandemic?”


Speaking from experience, I feel that the pandemic has caused a surge in people's digital usage. People are more reliant than ever on online video and audio-conferencing tools, such as Google Meet, Zoom, and Jitsi Meet for business meetings, online classes, and social activities. Moreover, due to the risks associated with physical gatherings, an increasing number of people are gradually embracing e-commerce and other platforms that employ online delivery systems. Also, with people spending more time at home, the use of social media platforms has skyrocketed.


“What advice do you have for students to stay motivated during festival season?”


Often students can lose track of their ultimate goal due to all the distractions of the festival season, which can lead to them losing some motivation. So, to keep them motivated, I would remind them that even during festivals, their ultimate goal is to learn and better prepare themselves for the future. This doesn't change in the holidays, so it's better to use the festivals as an opportunity to recharge their batteries, before returning to College and continuing their hard work to achieve this ultimate goal.


Thank you Roshan for all of your advice and for being a part of our alumni community. For more information about how you can get involved with the alumni at the College, please get in touch with our Student Services Division, at



Compiled and Edited By Marney Ryan


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