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A Journey from Thailand to Nepal: My Internship Experience at The British College

Published on : July 3, 2024 at 04:39 PM
Published on : July 3, 2024 at 04:39 PM

Written By: Phakkapol Kubrojanaungkul

Imagine packing your bags for an adventure of a lifetime, leaving the familiar comfort of home in Thailand to dive into the vibrant and not-so-mysterious world of Nepal. That's exactly what I did when I secured an internship at The British College, and I’m thrilled to share the unforgettable experiences and insights I gained on this incredible journey. Buckle up and join me as I relive the moments of this amazing chapter in my life!



The adventure began with my university offering two international internship spots through IAESTE. I applied, and though I initially hoped for the USA, I was thrilled to be placed in Nepal—a country I had visited and loved before. The anticipation of experiencing a new culture and environment was exhilarating, as always.


At The British College, I worked as a backend developer with the e-works department. My main project involved creating a backend API for the Customer Service System (CSS) where I was set to explore uncharted territories. This was quite a challenge, as my Industrial Engineering studies didn't cover web API development. I spent a month and a half learning the basics of Python and Django to get up to speed. Despite the steep learning curve, I thoroughly enjoyed my work. The challenge of learning something new was exciting, and my colleagues were incredibly friendly and supportive. While this internship might not directly relate to my field of study, it has been invaluable in teaching me research skills and giving me a taste of coding, which could be useful in the future.


Outside of work, I made sure to explore the local area and immerse myself in the rich cultural heritage of Nepal.

Exploring Kathmandu Valley



Kathmandu Valley, comprising Kathmandu, Lalitpur, and Bhaktapur, offered a rich variety of experiences. In Kathmandu, though my explorations were limited, Durbar Square left a lasting impression with its mix of old and new buildings. Lalitpur, where I stayed, gradually revealed its unique charm. I spent my evenings walking around Patan Durbar Square, marvelling at the ancient architecture and the blend of tall buildings and scattered hills. Bhaktapur, with its numerous ponds and well-preserved Durbar Square, was a highlight. The local curd, a signature delicacy, was a delightful discovery, and the post-rain scenery was breathtaking. The blend of historical and natural beauty in the valley was mesmerising, and each area had its own distinct character that contributed to an unforgettable experience.



Living in Nepal, I noticed distinct cultural differences. The traffic culture was more impatient compared to Thailand, with drivers rarely waiting for each other and honking frequently. Nepali people, especially Hindus, start their day with early morning religious ceremonies around 5 AM, contrasting with the later start in Thailand. Some temples in Nepal restrict entry to non-Hindus, unlike the more inclusive temples in Thailand. These differences, while initially surprising, offered me a deeper understanding of the local way of life and enriched my cultural perspective.



Tips for Future Interns

For those planning an internship here, I recommend bringing a laptop for flexibility, an umbrella, and mosquito repellent if you’re coming between April and July. Visit Bhaktapur for its curd, ancient buildings, and scenic beauty. Most importantly, make friends—people here are incredibly friendly, especially in the e-works department. Networking and forming connections can greatly enhance your experience and provide a support system away from home.



This experience, for me, has been transformative. I extend my gratitude to IAESTE, The Kandel Group, and The British College for this opportunity. A big thank you to my colleagues in the e-works department, marketing, and Human Resources for their hospitality and support. The lessons learned and the memories made during this internship will stay with me forever.

Phakkapol Kubrojanaungkul, known as Pond, is a 21-year-old undergraduate student from Thailand, studying Industrial Engineering. Currently interning at The British College, Pond is passionate about exploring nature and scenery through travel, gaming, and biking. His love for adventure and discovery extends beyond his academic pursuits, as he constantly seeks new experiences and opportunities to grow.

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