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Staff Profiles


Dr.(h.c.) Chiran S. Thapa

Dr.(h.c.) Chiran S. Thapa


Dr Chiran Thapa is an Advisor for The British College. He began his esteemed academic career at the College of Pennsylvania, USA where he gained his Bachelor’s degree in Physics. He continued his education at Trinity College, The University of Cambridge where he was awarded his Masters degree in Economics. Dr Chiran Thapa was the 1st Nepali to study at the University of Cambridge and has paved the way for many more Nepali students to attend the respected academic institute. Fifty years following receiving his Bachelor’s degree from the College of Pennsylvania.  Dr Chiran Thapa was awarded a honorary doctorate in recognition of his work and career. The British College is grateful for the invaluable experience and expertise that he brings our institution and his dedication to the provision of international teaching within Nepal.

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Vacancy for Digital Marketing Specialist

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