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BBA (Hons) Business and Management Programme Structure

Published on: 2016-12-02 08:42:57

BBA (Hons) Business and Management Programme Structure

The BBA (Hons) Business and Management offers students a current and integrated business education covering the main disciplines and operational areas of business. The curriculum aims to challenge students in their ways of thinking, behaving, learning, and issues of ethics & ethical decision making, sustainability and global citizenship are embedded throughout. The BBA programme actively seeks input from the external environment and student learning is grounded in the external context wherever appropriate through, e.g. external speakers, assessments that require students to test out concepts in practice and reflect on their own experience of organisations.

The first Foundation Level 3 year is aimed to prepare you for university entrance level, as required by both the MoE in Nepal and our partner university i.e UWE, Bristol.The programme has been designed to enhance the overall knowledge and skills in management study, and preparation of students for entry to a Level 4 course.

The programme is structured with four (4) core and four (4) specialist module(s) in Business and Management. 


Level 3: TBC Foundation Programme (Year 0/L3)
Semester 1 (Core Modules)
Academic English/Technical Writing 15 credits
Study Skills 15 credits
Computer Application 15 credits
Semester 1 (Specialist Module)
Introduction to Management 15 credits
Semester 2 (Core Modules)
Effective Communication Skills 15 credits
Mathematics for Business 15 credits
Semester 2 (Specialist Module)
Business Accounting 15 credits
Introduction to Business 15 credits

UWE 3 Years Bachelor’s Degree Programme

The second year (level 4) provides a further foundation for the development of the knowledge, skills and attributes necessary for future success. In the third year (Level 5), you will study modules relating to the main functional areas of business, including a range of specialist module options, and you will develop your research and enquiry skills.

The final year (Level 6) will include a major project, modules which require the integration of the knowledge gained in the earlier years of study and a number of advanced business module options which allow you to further develop your specific interests. The final year curriculum also includes a focus on managing change, both in organisational terms and in terms of your own career.

Level 4: TBC – UWE Pathway Programme (Year 1/L4)
Meeting the Management Challenge (in a Business, International and Management Professional Context) 30 credits
Engaging in Critical Business Enquiry (Business, International and Management) 30 credits
Understanding Business and Financial Information (Business, International and Management) 15 credits
Understanding the Business and Economic Environment (Business, International and Management) 15 credits
Understanding the Market Process for Business, International and Management 15 credits
Understanding Organisations and People (Business, International and Management) 15 credits
Level 5: TBC – UWE Programme (Year 2/L5)
Methods of Enquiry (Business, International and Management) 30 credits
Accounting Information for Business 15 credits
Managing Business Processes (Business, International and Management) 15 credits
Managing People (Business, International and Management) 30 credits
International Business 15 credits
Plus ONE Option Module
One option module may be selected from: (subject to availability) 15 credits
Option Modules

UMAD5G-15-2 Tax and Tax Planning

UMAD5M-15-2 -Market Analysis for Private Investors


UMED8P-15-2 - International Trade, Multinational Business

UMED8R-15-2 Emerging Economies
UMED8U-15-2 -Good Business, Bad Business, Sustainability


UMKD6M-15-2 - Integrated Marketing Communications
UMKDEW-15-2 The Business of Tourism and Events
UMOD6H-15-2- Management Communication and Decision Making
UMPD7E-15-2 - Employment Relations
UMPD7J-15-2 - Law and Equality at Work

UMSD7Q-15-2 - Entrepreneurship and Small Business
UMSD7S-15-2 - New Venture Creation

 15 credits (each)

 Options Available at TBC currently

UMKD6M-15-2 - Integrated Marketing Communications
UMED8P-15-2 - International Trade, Multinational Business
UMSD7Q-15-2 - Entrepreneurship and Small Business 
Level 6: TBC – UWE Programme (Year 3/L6)
Managing Organisational and Individual Change (Business, International and Management) 30 credits
Strategic Management (Business, International and Management) 15 credits
Project Choice


Enterprise Project


Work-based Enquiry Project


Critical Business Enquiry

30 credits

Plus THREE Option Modules
Three options should be selected up to a maximum value of 45 credits.
(subject to availability)
Option Modules

UMPD7F-15-3- Human Resource Development and Knowledge Management
UMPD7G-15-3 - International Human Resource Management
UMKD75-15-3 - Events and Festivals Management

UMKD6Q-15-3 Global Marketing Management

UMKD6V-15-3 - Public Relations
UMKD6W-15-3 - Sales Management
UMSD7W-15-3 - International Business in Emerging Markets

UMMD7P-15-3 - Project Management

UMED8X-15-3 The Economics of Developing Countries
UMED95-15-3 Sustainable Business
UMAD5T-15-3 International Financial Management
UMAD5X-15-3 Investment Management
UMAD5R-15-3 Personal Financial Planning
UMOD6G-15-3 - Coaching in Organisations
UMOD6F-15-3 - Organisational Leadership
UMKD6S-15-3- Interactive and Digital Marketing
UMKDCA-15-3 - Brand Management
UMMD7N-15-3 - Competing Through Quality

UMSD84-15-3 - Entrepreneurial Management

UMSD87-15-3 - Business Innovation and Growth
UMSD89-15-3 - Virtual Business

15 credits (each)

Options Available at TBC currently

UMSD84-15-3 - Entrepreneurial Management
UMMD7P-15-3 - Project Management
UMKD6Q-15-3 Global Marketing Management

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