MSc International Business Management

MSc International Business Management

MSc International Business Management is a programme provided by the University of the West of England, UK.   This programme offers you the unique opportunity of gaining an internationally recognised Masters degree in Nepal from a distinguished British university.   The MSc International Business Management is designed for those who have recently completed their undergraduate degree and who wish to progress to a career in management within a corporation, government, or an international organisation.


MSc International Management


The primary aims of the programme are to equip students with an advanced understanding of the concepts and current/pervasive issues within international business, as well as develop the analytical and research skills needed to make reasoned and creative contributions to business and management practice. In addition, the programme also aims to prepare students for a career in international business and management by extending their personal and interpersonal skills and enhancing lifelong learning skills.  Finally, the course includes personal development aspects, allowing the student to be self-starting, original and innovative when contributing to business and society at large.


Programme Leader:


Ms Nishtha Rajbhandari (





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Student Testimonial

Award Title: MSc International Business Management


Awarding Institution: University of the West of England


Teaching Institution: The British College


Duration: Two years, four semesters (including the one-semester pre-masters)


Entry:  Jan Intake and Sept Intake.

There are many specialist areas in which graduates can find in international management. This degree opens up a number of job opportunities in management not just nationally but on a global scale. You could work in roles such as: international project manager, international sales manager, service manager, communications manager, product manager, retail programme manager, business development manager.

Pre-Masters: A Bachelor degree or equivalent from a recognised university

Duration: Pre-Masters + 3 Semesters

Direct Entry: A pass in TBC's Pre-Masters degree and IELTS 6.0 with no skills below 5.5 (Students meeting university entry criteria can join directly to the University programme)


The Pre-masters programme is structured as follows and is made up of four modules: 

Core Modules:
Academic English 15 credits
Business Research  15 credits
Financial Accounting 15 credits
Fundamentals of Business and Management 15 credits
  60 credits


The MSc IBM programme is structured as follows:

Semester 1
Evaluating the Global Context 15 credits
The Strategic Context 15 credits
The Service Concept: Design and Delivery 15 credits
Managing Finance 15 credits
**Personal and Professional Development 15 credits
Semester 2
People and Global Organisations 15 credits
Digital Business Information Systems 15 credits
Management Consultancy 15 credits
**Personal and Professional Development 15 Credits
*Dissertation: International Management 60 Credits



Semester 3
Dissertation International Management 60 credits


To achieve a Masters, students must complete a dissertation that gives them a chance to research an area of international management that is of particular interest to them, and is and relevant to their career or company


* Dissertation module starts from semester 2 and runs till semester 3

** PPD module starts from semester 1 and continues in semester 2



The MSc IBM programme is a modular one, providing elements of common provision but also the flexibility to meet the needs and interests of participants.  The structure totals 60 +180 credits.

This is broken down into:

  • 3+8 taught modules (total 60+120 credits)
  • A research-based dissertation (60 credits). 


Credit Hours

Each of the 15 and 20-credit modules is equivalent to 150 and 200 hours of student effort respectively so that the whole programme is 600+1,800 hours of student effort. 


The hours of student effort comprises

  • The face-to-face teaching and tutorials
  • Private study hours
  • Coursework and examinations. 



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