BSc (Hons) Hospitality Business Management (BHM)

BSc (Hons) Hospitality Business Management (BHM)

BSc (Hons) Hospitality Business Management (BHM) programme is designed to engage, enable, and challenge our students to become creative, entrepreneurial, and critically informed dynamic graduates who can excel in their chosen field of work or progress to further study within hospitality business management. Central to our course is the strong links between theory and practice, with carefully designed authentic assessments, and student‐tutor interaction at the heart of the student experience.




At the end of the course, students will be able to:

1. Develop into critically evaluative, resilient, and reflective practitioners who are able to make robust informed decisions that will flexibly respond to a constantly changing and dynamic globalised hospitality industry.

2. Operate as balanced, thoughtful hospitality practitioners who act in an ethical and responsible way to achieve both their success and that of their organisation.

3. Be creative thinkers who are digitally literate and enterprising, and are accomplished and confident in designing and implementing new and innovative products, services and solutions, which will be of benefit to the hospitality industry.

4. Think in a cognitively complex way, yet communicate successfully, and be able to influence at all levels within, and outside of, hospitality organisations.

5. Use theories and concepts and further integrate this knowledge successfully into an applied and professional setting.

6. Initiate and implement change with empathy and attention to detail, whilst taking into account the impact on internal and external stakeholders.



Teaching and Learning Activities


The teaching methods used throughout the course are diverse and include lectures, seminars, tutorials, workshops, practicals, and fieldwork. This variety of teaching methods will enhance student achievement, satisfaction, and employability.


A safe learning environment is provided throughout the course. Students will be encouraged to experiment in their learning and ‘take risks’, while extensive support is being given by module leaders, tutors, and personal tutors, to ensure a safe environment for creative freedom - a practice especially encouraged in semester one of level 4.


For example, in the Professional and Academic Success modules - at both Level 4 and 5, the students will be required to choose a research method and will be responsible for justifying this choice. However, module tutors will ensure this choice is relevant and valid to protect the student whilst taking this “risk”. At Level 6, the Hospitality Consultancy Ventures module carries a degree of risk in the choice of project and client. However, tutors will intervene if necessary, although at this level it is expected to be less frequent. This level of protection and intervention will provide a safe and secure learning environment, whilst ensuring that students are participating in challenging and authentic learning tasks.


As students’ progress through the course, they will be encouraged to become increasingly independent learners and thinkers, and the learning environment will become increasingly challenging as they move from level 4 to level 6.


The course is vertically and horizontally integrated and students will build on knowledge, skills, and abilities from level 4, and throughout level 5, to achieve the course learning outcomes at level 6. The learning and teaching activities throughout the course will enable students to succeed at every level and will produce capable level 6 undergraduates who can then become successful hospitality business managers in an increasingly complex, globalised world.


Awarded by:

Leeds Beckett University  





The BSc (Honours) Hospitality Business Management Degree is awarded by Leeds Beckett University, UK. The course is delivered under Franchise Framework which means all the teaching materials are provided by the awarding university, and the same course is also running at the university - thereby facilitating a comparative benchmark of performance and achievement.


4 Years (including Foundation Level)


January/ February & August/September



Students will have the skills to take advantage of a host of job opportunities at all levels and across a variety of sectors, including graduate programmes with national and international organisations. The student will have the transferable skills needed to enter the service industry, or students can use their knowledge and confidence to start their own business.

● Operations Manager
● Customer Service Manager
● Hotel Manager
● Food and Beverage Manager

Post Grad Study:

Your future career is our business. That's why we offer further study opportunities across all subject areas. Our postgraduate courses are a great way to enhance the skills you have already learned, benefit from our links with industry, and provide you with a CV that will catch the eye of employers.

● Events Management | MSc
● International Tourism and Hospitality Management | MSc
● Responsible Tourism Management | MSc


Hands-on Practical

Food and Beverage Services, Hospitality Service.








Entry Requirements

Direct Entry (3 Years)

  • 10+2/CBSE or equivalent 60% and above aggregate score
  • English Grade 70%


Level Four (First Year)
Semester 1
The Hospitality Industry and Society  20 credits
Professional and Academic Skills for Hospitality 20 credits
Hospitality Consumer Behaviour 20 credits
Semester 2
Hospitality Finance 20 credits
Organisation Behaviour and Design 20 credits
Responsible Hospitality Operations 20 credits


Level Five (Second Year)
Semester 1
Marketing and Communications for Hospitality 20 credits
Responsible Human Resource Management and Development 20 credits
Delivering Hospitality Experiences 20 credits
Semester 2
Managing and Leading People 20 credits
Sustainable Business Decision Making 20 credits
Applied Hospitality Research 20 credits


Level Six (Third Year)
Semester 1
Individual Project 20 credits
Hospitality Business Strategy 20 credits
Hospitality Entrepreneurship 20 credits
Semester 2
Hospitality Food and Drink: Places and Spaces  20 credits
Responsible Hospitality Businesses 20 credits
Individual Project 20 credits



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