TBC Staff Profiles

Staff Profiles

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Jeetendra Rokaya

Associate Programme Leader (BHM)


Jeetendra Rokaya holds a Masters in Innovation Management in Tourism. Since graduating he has gained experience with top organisations such as The Oberoi Group (Oberoi Hotels and Resorts) and is an advisor on the Board of Directors at many renowned resorts in Nepal.


He is now the Associate Programme Leader for the BSc. (Hons) Hospitality Business Management at The British College. He has previously worked in a number of top colleges and brings over a decade's worth of teaching and industry experience to the department.

Working at TBC

The incredible enthusiasm and dedication of people working at TBC is vital to our current and future success.

Richard F Poole on TBC Achieving BAC Accreditation

Richard F Poole on TBC Achieving BAC Accreditation

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