TBC Staff Profiles

Staff Profiles


Earl of Sandwich

The Right Hon. Earl Sandwich 


John Edward Hollister Montagu is the 11th Earl of Sandwich, a British entrepreneur, politician, and nobleman. He was educated at the highly esteemed Eton College and obtained his Bachelor’s degree from Trinity College, The University of Cambridge. 


He is on the committee for External Affairs and the European Union Committee in the House of Lords, where he is one of 90 elected hereditary peers. He speaks mainly on international development, asylum issues, health services,  arts and heritage, and agriculture.

Working at TBC

The incredible enthusiasm and dedication of people working at TBC is vital to our current and future success.

Term and Conditions

The terms and conditions for students. In registering to become a student of The British College you are accepting these terms and conditions and they will form part of your contract.

BHM students performing practicals

BHM students performing practicals

Wine Tasting Program

Wine Tasting Program



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