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Staff Profiles


Anthony. E, Wieler OStJ MA MCSI

Born in 1937, he studied at Shrewsbury School and Trinity College, Oxford University, before National Service in the 7th Gurkha Rifles. Mr Wieler was an instigator of the Appeal which raised the original funds for the Gurkha Welfare Trusts. He became a member of the Britain-Nepal Society in its first year and, later an initial member of the Britain-Nepal Chamber of Commerce (becoming Chairman and then Vice President). The cadets from the Nepalese Army, studying at the Royal Military Academy,Sandhurst, were able to stay at Feathercombe (his home in Surrey) from 1964 until 2008 and he acted in loco parentis for other Nepalese students in England, including Dhruba Hari Adhikary (Nepal's leading journalist). He was a member of the London Stock-Exchange and went on to set up Anthony Wieler + Company as an Independent Investment Management company, employing 3 nepalese friends including Janak Basnet, who went on to become a major benefactor in Nepal. Mr Wieler has supported many enterprises in Nepal and joined the Board of South London College in 2011, becoming an Advisor to The British College in 2012.

Working at TBC

The incredible enthusiasm and dedication of people working at TBC is vital to our current and future success.

International Mobility Programme

TBC’s International Mobility Programme (IMP) is designed to help students enhance their skills and capabilities through international trips. IMP aims to offer students an opportunity to gain experience-based learning via visits to schools and industries, corporations and cultural arenas. Through IMP, TBC hopes to inspire and motivate students to learn out of the box.

Vacancy for Business Development Representative

Vacancy for Business Development Representative

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