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Vacancy for Quality Assurance and Compliance Officer



Job Title

Quality Assurance and Compliance Officer

Reports to

Quality Assurance and Compliance Manager


Quality and Compliance


  1. Purpose of the Role


  To ensure the practise management needs of the service are delivered to a high-quality standard, within the designated timeframes.


  1. Functions of the Post 


   To ensure that all departments are working in cohesion.


  1. Key Duties and Responsibilities


  The role of Compliance and Quality Officer comprises following duty and responsibilities:


  • Implement and manage an effective legal compliance program.
  • Develop and review company policies.
  • Advise management on the company’s compliance with laws and regulations through detailed reports.  Create and manage effective action plans in response to audit discoveries and compliance violations.
  • Regularly audit company procedures, practices, and documents to identify possible weaknesses or risks.
  • Assess company operations to determine compliance risk.
  • Ensure all employees are educated on the latest regulations and processes.
  • Resolve employee concerns about legal compliance.
  • Monitor the workflow between all the departments and associated staff.
  • Communicate the visible and invisible problematic area that needs attention to the concerned department.
  • Promote a collaborative workflow between the departments.
  • Audit and monitor various aspects of compliance with the policy of the organization and produce regular reports.
  • Ensure the quality aspects of the work done by various departments and services provided by the various departments
  • Review policies and procedures and associated compliance and compliance risk programs to ensure consistency with current applicable rules, regulations, and laws.
  • Provide assistance to management and staff in the formulation of forms and disclosure documents for compliance with all policies and procedures
  • Identify and communicate the need for compliance education programs and oversee the development and implementation of compliance training for all staff members;
  • Bring the outcome of continuous improvement quality activities such as internal audits, complaints, quality incidents and deviation investigation to the attention of Managers and agree with effective preventative actions.


Requirement and Qualification 


  • Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in law, finance, business management or a related field.
  • Autonomous, self-motivated, and flexible with the ability to adapt quickly to change or shifting priorities in a fast-paced environment.
  • At least 3 years of proven experience in a compliance officer role.
  • Exemplify strong knowledge of industry protocols and best practices.
  • Good knowledge of legal requirements and procedures.
  • Brilliant oral and written communication skills.
  • Highly analytical with strong attention to detail.


Note: This job description sets out the main responsibilities for the Compliance and Quality Officer but is not intended to be an exhaustive list. Specific duties may change from time to time without changing the general nature of the post and the Compliance and Quality Officer is expected to be flexible in the range of responsibilities s/he undertakes.


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