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Job Title: Associate Programme Leader 

Company: The British College 

Department: BSc IT/MSc IT Programme 

No of Vacancy:

Employment Type: Full Time 

Qualification: Masters in relevant field

PhD/MPhil preferred

Experience: 3+ years 


Key Duties:

Teaching and learning support

  • Teach as a member of a teaching team, within a predefined programme of study, in a variety of settings from small group tutorials to large lectures
  • Promote academic integrity and focus on educating students about good academic practice including use of Turnitin from the start of their course
  • Make effective use of resources and learning technology including using the College/University VLE appropriate to the subject matter/skill being taught


Leadership and Management


  • Undertake a line management role in relation to staff in the programme area 
  • Deputise for the Programme leader, when necessary
  • Contribute to the college’s human resources planning, and the recruitment and selection of staff according to college policies and procedures




  • Take an active role in setting targets for the programme area, including student recruitment, retention, achievement and progression
  • Ensure that student performance including retention and achievement, is closely monitored and action taken to address areas of concern
  • Carry out course evaluation including facilitating student feedback; reflecting on own teaching design and delivery and implementing ideas for improving own performance

Note: The job description set out the main responsibilities but is not intended to be an exhaustive list. Specific duties may change from time to time without changing the general nature of the post and the associate is expected to be flexible in the range of responsibilities he/she undertakes




Position: BTEC Academic Coordinator 

Company: The British College, Trade Tower, Thapathali Road, Kathmandu 

Employment Type: Full-time work 

No. of Vacancy:


Job Overview: 


We are looking for an enthusiastic and committed individual to lead our pioneering and unique BTEC Courses which will be offered by subsidiary institutions of Kandel Group. 

The BTEC Course Leader is responsible for leading the Pearson syllabus. This includes leadership of the staff team, designing schemes of work, liaison with partner organisations and teaching and motivating students. The candidate is also responsible to support marketing and promotional activities. The right candidate will have previous experience in teaching in a further education setting, and have a sound knowledge of Awards for Training and Higher Education (ATHE) and Pearson quality assurance and assessment procedures.  




  1. To manage UK Pearson HND and ATHE qualification from Nepal, person will be working from  Nepal for all Pearson and ATHE online courses offered by the subsidiary institution of Kandel  Group 
  2. Liaising with the accrediting body, Pearson; responding to any changes and requirements 3. Working with College to create an enriching and supported experience for all learners 4. Helping to develop relationships and opportunities with other providers 
  3. Networking with youth circuses and schools 
  4. To be part of appropriate national and international networks  
  5. Planning and delivering Open Days 
  6. To implement and coordinate the new BTEC syllabus in line with Pearson's new methodologies 9. To lead and motivate a team of teachers towards achieving the aims and objectives of the BTEC  course 
  7. To timetable and co-ordinate BTEC Courses designing scheme of work according to new  syllabus requirements 
  8. To liaise with relevant members of staff regarding technical and administrative requirements 12. Overseeing student recruitment, retention and audition process 
  9. To manage the course budget 
  10. Line management of staff team including professional development of staff 
  11. To liaise with relevant members of staff regarding technical and administrative requirements
  12. Overseeing student recruitment, retention and audition process
  13. To manage the course budget
  14. Line management of staff team including professional development of staff
  15. Teaching and delivery of workshops and theory sessions both face to face and on-line
  16. Coordinate and produce student productions in collaboration with the staff team


Teaching and Learning Support 


  1. Teach as a member of a teaching team, within a predefined programme of study, in a variety of settings from small group tutorials to large lectures 
  2. Provide a high-quality learning experience for students in the programme area 3. Make effective use of resources and learning techniques including using the College/Pearson VLE  appropriate to the subject matter/skill being taught. 
  3. Undertake relevant administrative duties and paperwork to ensure key records are maintained  including the submission of the appropriate student assessment records and other related  documentation 
  4. Fully participate in and contribute to the pastoral support programme of the college, as well as  take on the role of Personal Tutor 
  5. To participate in the creation of workshops, seminars, and other co-curricular activities 
  6. Grade assessments and prepare learners for external assessments 
  7. Build collegiate relationships with students both to support them and to enable the student voice  to be heard 
  8. Motivate students through their training and learning 
  9. Awareness and adherence to safeguarding and diversity policy, working with the Student support  lead
  10. Appropriate for teaching and learning as requested 


Managing and Leadership 


Monitoring and Quality assurance 


  1. Liaise with College and Pearson as necessary 
  2. Appraise staff and undertake teaching observations and where necessary negotiate improvement  plans 
  3. Ensure paperwork and assessment records are maintained 
  4. Lead on internal moderations and sampling for external moderation 


Person specification 


Essential / Desirable Skills and Qualifications: 

  • A relevant teaching qualification 
  • Experience of delivering BTEC, ATHE and Pearson 
  • Module or course coordination and design 
  • Management experience including managing budgets 
  • Exceptional organisational skills and management of multiple priorities 
  • Excellent written and oral communication skills 
  • Proven project management skills and being a good team player 
  • Ability to adapt to fast-changing priorities and working environment 
  • Extensive previous work with young people 
  • Experience of directing and facilitation 
  • Working with learners with educational needs


Interested candidates are requested to send their CV along with their application by to Please specify the position applied for in the subject line in the email. 



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