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Vacancies on Finance

Job Title:  Finance Manager 

Reports to CEO 

Company:  The British College 

Department: Finance Department 

No of Vacancy: 1 

Employment Type:  Full Time 


1. Purpose of the Role  

To ensure a smooth running of the Account/Finance department  


2. Functions of the Post  

To act as Finance Manager for the TBC, BMC, Nepali Patra/BPC 

To ensure that the accounts/finance department is effectively and efficiently operating. 


3. Key Duties 


The role of Finance Manager comprises the following duty and responsibilities:  


Prepare Monthly Budget 

Prepare yearly Budget 

Forecast income and expenses on a yearly/ monthly Basis 

Prepare cash flow statement 

Prepare cost centred accounts  

Bring innovative ideas to streamline the process in accounts department  Responsible for verification of Payroll system of BMC/TBC/Nepali Patra/BPC Supervise overall activities of Accounts/Finance department  

Prepare Financial Policy, make sure job has been carried out as per the policy Supervise all the entries are entered in the system in a timely manner 

Make sure all the process and procedure are running smoothly in the department  Check and finalize all the BRS prepared by Account Officer 

Liaison with Internal /External Auditors, Tax authorities, Banks, Ministry of education  Make sure for timely payment of TDS/ Education tax etc 

Provide all the reports to CEO on a weekly basis 

Control Expenses and maximum income




CA graduate with at least 3 years of experience in the relevant field.  

Strong Excel skills. 

Excellent ability to problem solve along with solid analytical skills, understanding of business process and systems optimization. 

Comfortable interacting with all levels of management in multiple areas. 

Strong knowledge of financial reporting. 

Ability to review data and make relevant management decisions. 

Strong financial system and business administration understanding. 


Note: This job description sets out the main responsibilities for the Finance Manager but is not intended to be an exhaustive list. Specific duties may change from time to time without changing the general nature of the post and the Finance Manager is expected to be flexible in the range of responsibilities s/he undertakes.


Interested candidates are requested to send their CV along with their application by to Please specify the position applied for in the subject line in the email. 

Vacancies on Finance



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